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Schivo 3D have developed a reputation as the go-to additive manufacturing company for the automotive industry. That reputation is built on providing industry leading service through speed and efficiency and through working with manufacturers to develop solutions. With the firm understanding that modern automotive design requires fast multiple prototyping of parts, Schivo 3D have streamlined it’s entire operation from instant quote to delivery. 

Fully certified (ISO9001, ISO13485, AS900) and with clients representing high performance sports cars to efficient family road cars. We work with our industry leading global partner, Stratasys, in running our European operation of production grade additive manufacturing machines. This ensures that our clients enjoy the latest state of the art additive manufacturing technology.

Our solutions empower automotive manufacturers to reduce investment and part costs; maximize assembly line efficiency; reduce the weight of production tools; to stay one step ahead of industry challenges. We print in a variety of materials that allow our clients to push the boundaries of design. For example, Schivo3D manufacture in poly carbonate which gives superior mechanical properties and is great for demanding prototype needs. Another example of suitable automotive print material would be ABS-ESD7, which is a static dissipative material which makes great assembly tools for electronic and static sensitive products. Ultem offers a high heat and chemical resistant, highest tensile and flexural strength. It an FST certified thermo plastic. These are just some examples of the materials, Schivo3D manufacture with, for the automotive industry.

Customers of Schivo 3D enjoy a dedicated team for their account which includes an assigned design engineer, account manager, customer satisfaction manager, expert post prep team and quality assurance representative. This ensures that our rapid prototyping operation produces high quality product which is essential in automotive additive manufacturing.


Parts on Demand

Schivo3D are experts in producing parts to meet a vast array of needs. Schivo3D have the capability to print in minute detail at a production rate. Specialists across all printing materials that are used in the industry and Schivo3D expert engineers  advise and work with our clients in making sure that all builds meet their purpose.

Stratasys production grade 3D printers

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Fill out the form and one of our 3d printing specialists will contact you back and can advise on how Schivo can assist.

“Using Stratasys 3D Printing technology to customize and supply parts to customers and to allow self-expression within a single car is, I believe, a first.”

Osamu Fujishita : Stratasys customerDaihatsu Motor Company

Solaxis created an automotive assembly jig with 3D printing, cutting weight and improving accuracy.

“We shrank the overall design and manufacturing cycle time from 16 to 20 weeks with traditional manufacturing, to three to five weeks with Stratasys 3D printing.”

Francois Guilbault : Stratasys customerSolaxis

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